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Listen to your baby's heartbeat now

Conheça apps que captam as batidas do órgão na gestação

The time has come to get into the rhythm of your heart on your new baby!


Imagine just being able to listen to the beating of the heart in the small(a) to the inside of the stomach, as if it was a sneak preview of the music of his life.

Oh, but rest assured, it does not need a stethoscope, or medical skills to advanced to such a moving experience; after all, we're talking about something that is modern, easy and within the reach of his hands, and all the apps that let you listen to your heart to your baby.


It's like having a mini-studio for the recording of the fetus, all right from your smartphone!

So, mums and dads who want to know, prepare yourself for the ride of sound, and lovely, and the magic of the technology in the building.

The importance of listening to your baby's heartbeat during pregnancy

Here's to you, dad or mom, that chill-yummy in the tummy, but that's not all anxiety is the emotion of, for now on, you can hear your heart on your baby while you are pregnant.


Such a lovely experience that is made possible by the technological advances of the application of the monitoring of the fetus.


These little wonders of the digital turn your smartphone into a kind of “equipment” musical, and capable of capturing the heartbeat of your little one, while he's still in there, comfortably nestled in her womb.


But why is it so important to listen to the heart of the baby's mouth.

Come on, listen to the beat of your pup, it is not only a magical experience for the parents, but it is also a way to strengthen that bond of love even before they are born.

É como se cada batida do coraçãozinho dissesse: “Ei, mamãe e papai, estou aqui, ansioso(a) para conhecer vocês!”

In addition to this, the ability to monitor the care of a heart of a baby in the house, gives you a peace of mind apply to the mother.

This is because, if there is any doubt, or self-doubt while you are pregnant, you can simply open the app, and there will be a sweet melody in the heart, calming the hearts of the poor.

The benefits of the monitoring of the fetus is in the house

To hear the baby's heartbeat without even leaving your home:

Just Imagine, you do not need to face the traffic, waiting rooms and hospitals, to listen to the heart of your baby.

Security you can monitor when you want to:

It doesn't matter if it's day or night, if it's raining, or sunny out there, with the peace of mind you can listen to the heart of the baby at any time is priceless.

The apps that suit your needs:

Every pregnancy is unique, and their application to the monitoring of the fetus are at the ready to cater to your specific needs.

The best app to listen the baby's heartbeat!

Here are some of the real hits of the moment: collection of the pregnancy, the Babydoppler, and the Heart rate Of the Baby.

Trace your pregnancy: With a full repertoire of functions, and the collection of your pregnancy, it is the one application that leaves no hit to fly under the radar. (Available for iOS and Android).

Babydoppler: If you are looking for is a group of emotions, then, the Babydoppler this is the perfect app for you. (Available for iOS and Android).

The Heart Rate Of The Baby With its simple functionality and more efficient, it allows you to listen to the heart of the baby in a way that is clear and crisp, providing an intimate experience and it's exciting. (Available for iOS).